Every day is an opportunity to learn something new

Humans are amazing. Each night, we go to sleep and then in the morning, most of us wake up to a new day and new opportunities. It's almost like we're rebooting ourselves. Then we go through our day encountering new things, new people, and new ideas and we go to sleep again to wake up for a new cycle of learning.

calendarSometimes, we learn small and temporary things, for example, there is a construction project on our favored route to work. Other times, we learn big and important things that change us as people and cause us to readjust our worldview. Most days though, we learn something that falls somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum.

I've spent a lot of time engaging in this process just like every other person on the planet. But what I plan to offer through this site is an opportunity for you all to learn some of those middle-sized things a bit more quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time working on the important things for you.


Have you ever done a Google search, and then become overwhelmed by the number of hits for the topic? In the webinars, Chelsea has done the research, whether it is reading or YouTube watching, and has put together a short, informative presentation for you. The webinars are live so you can ask questions and get an answer in real time.

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Some topics are more complicated and simply require more time to master than permitted in a single webinar presentation. For those topics, Chelsea has created eCourses that will meet several times to give the topic the full treatment that it deserves.

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Each webinar and eCourse is recorded so that even if you missed it at the time of offering, you can still listen to the presentation at a later time.

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Learning with me

I love learning new things and sharing the things I've learned. If you would like to receive an eclectic mix of tips, tricks, and lifehacks, please sign up for my newsletter and check out the calendar for upcoming scheduled events.